Beaver Creek, Snowy Mountains, Lewistown


Three-day Montana Horseback Glamping Adventure

  To begin your horseback glamping adventure, we’ll meet at the designated trailhead at 10:00am on the morning of the first day.  We’ll pack your gear, load the mules, set your stirrups and give a short instruction on horseback riding.  Then we’ll head down to camp.

Camp is about a 2-hour ride in from the trailhead.  When we arrive at camp, we’ll settle in to the tents, eat lunch, and then head out on horseback in search of wilderness. 

Very few people visit this area in the summertime, so the wildlife can be found in open areas with a very relaxed demeanor.  We’ll head up high to the lookouts and glass for wildlife until the shadows get long.  Then we head back to camp for the first sit-down gourmet meal together in the cook tent.

Montana Glamping Adventure

On the second day, we saddle horses and head out once again on a wilderness exploration.  We have many springs, ponds and beaver dams that not many people have ever seen.  We love to show them off!

We can ride to several different drainages to see and do… from panning for gold nuggets in the upper springs of Sand Creek to watching the Osprey hawks dive bomb trout in the South Fork Creek.  Everywhere is fun when you ride a good mountain horse in the big country of Montana.

Evening brings another great meal, and for sure a campfire under the stars.

On day three, we roll out with horses saddled, and let you, the client, decide the direction.  We can again travel high to see more mountain views or explore the mountain meadows in search of ever present wildlife.

By 3:00 in the afternoon, it’s time to gather up and head back to civilization, with a camera full of Montana vacation memories, and a new appreciation for the land and wildlife under Montana’s big sky country.