Beaver Creek, Snowy Mountains, Lewistown

About Us

Montana Horseback Glamping - Taking The Rough Out Of Roughing It

Our goal at Beaver Creek Adventures is to provide a glamping atmosphere in the Montana wilderness that will make even the most particular camper feel safe, clean, comfortable and well-fed.  Did we mention safe? 

We began considering this idea because we had hunter clients who wanted to share their wilderness experience with their families, most importantly the female side of the family. 

So, I went to work and asked my wife this question: “What would it take for you to enjoy a 3-day Montana wilderness camp trip into the Lost Fork Wilderness Area?”

The list from my wife went like this: "First, you must put a toilet in the sleep tents.  No woman that has ever had a baby would visit an outhouse in the middle of the night.”

Montana Glamping Adventure

“Second, running water – hot and cold – will be needed.”

“Third, a comfortable bed…. not a cot and sleeping bag, but a bed with pillows, sheets and blankets.”

“Next, the bed will have to be big enough for two, so feet can be warmed if they get cold in the middle of the night.  And we can snuggle when the coyotes howl. 

“And lastly, a protective fence around the tent… one that is electrified enough to fry any spooky sound that I hear outside, even if it’s just the wind.”

So, I got busy and was pleasantly surprised when camp passed inspection with “Wonderful!  The only thing I’ll need now is a good bottle of wine.” 

“No problem, honey… I’ll be sure to have it ready for you.”